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    • 04/05/2020
    • 10:30 AM
    • Tallahassee Archery Club

    Tallahassee Archery Club Field Shoot Cancelled (May be rescheduled at a later Date)

    April 5, 2020

    Start Time 10:30 am

    Cost $5.00 per shooter.  All payments must be made the day of shoot.

    This is the 1st field shoot for 2020.  We will be shooting 14 targets and it should take about 1.5 -  2 hours.

    Each Archer will be shooting 4 arrows per target are various distances from 7 to 80 yards.

    Classes based on equipment, gender and age.  Trophies awarded for every 3 participants per class.

    If you have specific questions contact Dale East at dale.east3901@comcast.net.

    • 04/11/2020
    • Tallahassee Archery Club

    Tallahassee Archery Club

    3D Shoot April 11, 2020

    Traditional Shooters begin at 9:00 am (shoot 30 targets)

    Compound shooters begin at 10:30 am (shoot 20 targets)

    Fees - Members $10.00   Non-Members $20.00

    Trophy Awarded for all Classes with at least 3 participants (classes may be combined to reach required number for trophy)

    Youth Classes receive medals with less than 3 participants

    Money classes available.  Unknown and Known classes with at least 3 participants any equipment set up.

    $10 buy in 100% paid out to winner(s).


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