Practice Bag Range:

Our practice bag range is adjacent to our main parking area, here we have large bag targets ranging in distances from 15-80 yds. We also have available three 52" FITA mats and targets for members to use. The practice range has a covered tent with a picnic table, chairs, bow stands and a clean and regurally serviced Porta-Potti.

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3D Target Practice Range:

Our club has a 20 target 3D practice range that is east and adjacent to the practice bag targets. On the 3D range you are able to shoot from distances out to about 50-60 yds. This range follows a out and back pattern with targets on each side of a dirt road. Pictures to be posted soon.


3D Tournament Ranges:

Having access to over 50 acres of property, we have been able to cut and maintain 4 seperate 3D ranges that we can choose from for our monthly tournaments. Our registration area is sheltered by a 20X40 foot tarp with picnic tables and chairs. The tournament area has it's own dedicated bag practice range with bag targets ranging from 25-40 yds. The registration area also has a clean and serviced Porta-Potti available should the need arise. Pictures to be posted soon.



Field Range:

Our club maintains a 14 target field range with distances ranging from 20 feet out to 80 yards. The field range is it's own course and is west of our practice bag targets. Pictures to be posted soon. 




So as you can see, Tallahassee Archery Club is the premiere archery facility in North Florida and a great place to shoot. Come check out our club soon to see what fun you've been missing.

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