Tallahassee Archery Club 2017 Shoot Schedule


Club Membership Fee


Registration ends at 9:00 AM. Shoots begin at 9:15 AM Each 3D Shoot is $15 for non members and $10 for members.

TAC 2017 Schedule:

2/4/17 TAC Fun shoot 
2/11/17 TAC Trophy shoot
3/18/17        TAC Trophy shoot
4/15/17 TAC Trophy shoot
5/6/17 TAC Trophy shoot  <--- UPDATED 4/20/17
6/10/17 TAC Trophy shoot
7/8/17 TAC Trophy shoot
8/19/17 TAC Trophy shoot  <--- UPDATED 4/20/17

Long Distance Shoot- For all TAC Trophy Shoots there will be an optional long distance shoot. The target will alternate between a McKenzie Elk and a 120cm FITA face. Any archers can pay to participate. Each hit of the red dot entitles them to 1 arrow at the target after the conclusion of our Championship Shoot for a chance to win the total long shoot money collected during the previous events.

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