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Shooter of the Year Scoring

To qualify for Shooter of the Year you must be a member of TAC

To Qualify for Shooter of the Year you must compete in at least 4 trophy shoots during the year.

Each trophy shoot will be scored as follows:

1st Place – 5 points

 2nd Place – 4 points

 3rd Place – 3 points

 4th place – 2 points

 5th place – 1 point

In the event there is a tie for any place 1-5 a shoot off will occur to determine how the final scores will be counted. The shoot off will be scored exactly like a target for your class. The shoot off will begin as soon as possible following the end of the round of competition. If a shooter leaves prior to a tie being broken he/she forfeits and is automatically given the next lower place.

Example – Shooter A finishes with 200 points, Shooters B & C each finish with 199 points, Shooters D, E, F, each finish with 198 points. The shoot off would be as follows:

o Shooter A would be awarded 5 points for 1st place no shoot off

o Shooters B & C would shoot off for 2nd and 3rd place

o Shooters D, E and F would shoot off for 4th and 5th place.

All the scores will be added at the end of the year. The shooter with the highest possible point totals will be the shooter of the year.

Shooter of the year will be awarded a 2014 plaque and a 2015 TBA membership for a single member only.

If a shooter changes class no points will be carried over from previous class. A shooter may elect to shoot in a “higher class” should their class not have the minimum of 3 shooters at a particular event. If they place in the top 5 of the “higher class” then they will be allowed to carry back those points to their regular class and count towards shooter of the year.

For a shooter to qualify for Shooter of the Year their class must have at least 3 participants in 4 of the trophy shoots leading up the the championship shoot (last shoot of the year) and the shooter must compete in the last shoot of the year

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