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2015 Events Schedule 

2015 Spring Opener

Georgia Traditional Championships



Horse Creek Traditional Archery Club, Inc., located in Calvary, Georgia, is the only all traditional archery club within a 175 mile radium of Tallahassee, FL.  HCTAC was founded in 1992 for the archery/bowhunting enthusiast, who wants to get back to basics.

Our 3-D and field archery events are always open to the public, and anyone who shoots traditional equipment is welcome to participate. At our 3-D trophy events, we give awards in 9 different traditional division, including 3 men's, 3 ladies (recurve, longbow, and primitive) and 3 young people's (by age).

We set our 3_D range in simulated hunting circumstances and do our best to have feasible, challenging shots. Our field archery events consist of those that can be shot using 44" grass mats.

HCTAC members hail from Atlanta, Pensacola, Orlando, and points in between. While we don't require membership to participate in our events, anyone with an interest in traditional archery is welcome to join.



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